Highly Reflective Glass

Highly Reflective Glass, or solar reflection glass, can be used on the external face of a building to create an aesthetically pleasing reflective appearance to the glazing, generate an element of privacy through the glass and assist in solar control.

The degree of reflectivity off the external face of the glass, the colour of the reflective surface and the amount of solar radiation of each reflective glass panel will depend on the glass composition and coating used.

Highly reflective glass is created by applying a thin coating of metal oxides to the glass under a pyrolytic process creating a durable, stable coating to one face of the glass.

The extremely durable nature of the reflective coating means that these solar reflective glass panels can be used as single glazing as well as insulated glass units.

With a silver reflective glass unit using clear glass a light transmission of 56% can be maintained whilst creating a reflective external surface with 37% light reflection. Contact London Architectural Glass for more information about the full range of performance data to create a glass composition to suit your project needs.