Triple Glazed Units

Triple Glazed Units can provide the highest thermal performance in an insulated glass unit. Using a third panel of glass you are trapping a secondary gas cavity within the insulated glass unit to improve the centre pane thermal performance of the glass.

Using internal glass panels with low-e coatings which reflect internal heat back inside you can achieve Ug values of as little as 0.5W/m2K with a triple glazed unit.

Glass specifications needed for a triple glazed unit will differ depending on the application, framing solutions and location of the glass. Toughened or laminated glass units can be used in a safety glass situation though the centre panel, there to separate the two gas cavities, can generally just be a standard toughened glass panel.

Various performance glasses or coatings can be used to these highly thermally efficient glass units to even further improve their performance. Solar control glass can be used on the outer panel to reduce solar radiation, as well as low maintenance coatings to help reduce cleaning to harder to reach units. Privacy glass, heated glass, bullet proof and Sentry interlayers can all be used to add extra performance to these thermally efficient units.

Curved glass can come together to create a curved triple glazed unit and decorative glass panels can be used as any of the three glass panels within a triple glazed unit such as coloured interlayers or sandblasted glass if needed.