Sentry Laminated Glass

If you require a glass installation of great strength, with slim, clear appearance then a Sentry Laminated Glass unit is the solution.

Manufactured by DuPont, a Sentry Laminate is five times stronger and up to 100 times more rigid than a standard PVB interlayers with great resistance to creep and tearing. Glass units can be up to 15% thinner and still stronger than laminated glass using inferior laminates. These slim and clear interlayers can create glass installations of unrivalled strength to be used as safety or structural glass assemblies

Multiple layers of Sentry Interlayers can be used to create blast and bullet resistant glass panels as well as being used for hurricane resistant windows.

The greater strength of these specialist ionoplast interlayers means that even when the holding glass panels are broken or damaged the Sentry Laminate allows the glass panels to provide continuing protection, allowing reduced spawl and loose glass fragments and even maintains its shape and strength until the glass panel can be safely replaced.

Sentry Laminates are aesthetically fantastic when used in conjunction with Low Iron Glass as they are less vulnerable to slight yellowing over time and can maintain the crisp clear glass appearance of the Low Iron Glass panels.

Another well suited application of a Sentry Laminate is frameless glass balustrades. As well as the inherent increased strength of a Sentry Laminate and its reduced deflection rates the advanced polymer of the Sentry Laminate is far less susceptible to moisture absorption than a standard PVB interlayer so can be used on external balustrades without the fear of interlayer damage over time.