CNC Machine Cut Glass

A CNC machine is a computer controlled cutting machine used in various sectors of manufacture to allow accurate and computerised cutting of various building materials.

London Architectural Glass employs these modern manufacturing machines to control the cutting and shaping of glass units for a neat and accurate finished glass panel.

Large glass panels of thicknesses up to 100mm can be cut, shaped or engraved using our water jet cutter or sate of the art laser cutter.

By using a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) system to control our cutting machines it allows us to perfectly recreate designs and shapes from CAD files or other vector format files for perfect positioning of cut outs, sink holes, drill holes and engraved patterns.

CNC Machine cutting of glass can be utilised for many different glass applications:

–        Perfect cut outs can be used in glass worktops or splash backs for sink or socket holes

–        Holes can be drilled into glass units for metal works, fixings, handles or locking holes

–        The edges of glass panels can be shaped, cut or polished on elements of glass where the edges will be exposed

–        Patterns or writing can be engraved into the surface of glass for a decorative glass finish

All glass must be cut or shaped in its annealed format, it can then be toughened to create a safety glass panel.