Sentry Laminated Glass

A Sentry Laminate within a glass unit creates a stronger, more durable glass panel than a standard PVB interlayer would. In fact a laminated glass panel, laminated with a Sentry Laminate, is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional PVB interlayers.

Sentry Laminates are a specialist ionoplast interlayer made by DuPont. Their original purpose was to create a stronger, stiffer glass panel able to withstand the increased pressures of extreme weather climates for hurricane resistant windows and glass structures. Since then Sentry Laminates have expanded to be used within highly technical glass structures.

Creating a Sentry Laminated Glass panel is nearly exactly the same process as a PVB lamination but using a sentry laminate will allow the use of slimmer glass panels with less defection and greater strength. These stronger glass panels are great for use in structural glass assemblies where the glass panels are required to take the load of above glazing, like glass boxes, as well as bullet resistant, blast resistant and hurricane resistant glazing.

The advanced polymer used to manufacture Sentry Laminates is also less likely to yellow over time or absorb water than its less advanced predecessor, the PVB. This, along with their greater capacity for load bearing, means that Sentry Laminates are excellently suited for use within frameless external balustrades.

Sentry Laminates still block up to 99.9% of external UV radiation but the tougher interlayer provides for a stronger and safer glass barrier. Due to the increased strength of a Sentry Laminate itself, if a Sentry Laminated Glass panel is broken it will maintain its shape, position and form, holding any broken pieces of glass together in a full glass barrier until the glass panel can be replaced.

See the video here [link to Applications page ‘Balustrades’] to see why Sentry Laminated Glass panels are the best choice for frameless balustrade installations.