Triple Glazed Units

Where extra thermal performance is needed from a glass installation the easiest way to do this is improve the centre pane thermal performance of the glass unit. Triple glazing is the most effective and efficient way of creating a higher thermally performing glass unit.

The concept is to trap a secondary gas cavity within the glass unit using a third panel of glass and creating an extra layer of insulation in the glass units. Whereas double glazing generally has a standard Ug value (centre pane thermal performance) of 1.2 W/m2K a triple glazed unit can provide a centre panel thermal performance of as little as 0.5W.m2K.

Triple glazed units can be used as frameless structural glass panels or can be installed within a frame suitable for a triple glazed unit. The thickness of a triple glazed unit is obviously thicker than a standard double glazed insulated panel due to the extra glazing and insulating cavities so care must be taken to ensure selected framings are suitable.

As with a double glazed unit various other performance or structural glazing techniques can be incorporated within a triple glazed unit to achieve the performance and specification needed for your particular application. The most popular additional attributes to a triple glazed unit would be a solar control glass panel as the outer pane to reduce solar gain internally. Also electrical technical glass solutions such as heated glass and switchable privacy glass are also popular.

Digital printed interlayers, coloured interlayers or other decorative glass techniques can be incorporated as any of the three panels of glass within a triple glazed unit to create a decorative and eye catching end result.