Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass is a tried and highly recognised glass solution that allows control over the visual transparency of a glass panel or installation.

A liquid crystal film is laminated between two pieces of glass, when an electrical current is passed through the film through buzz bars and discrete wiring within the glass panel all of the internal liquid crystals are charged and orientate themselves the same direction. This now allows vision through the glass face and changes the appearance of the glass from translucent to transparent.

This transmission from translucent to transparent can be instant, with a speed of less than 100 milliseconds but fader controls can be supplied as well to allow a more gradual turn.

The glass used to create a switchable privacy glass panel can be standard annealed glass; heat strengthened, toughened or low iron glass, laminated with the switchable film in between thus creating a safety glass installation.

Other performance characteristics can be engineered into the construction of a privacy glass unit for use in different applications. Switchable glass can be incorporated onto one side of a fire rated glass unit where a fire rating is required to a glass screen or door, can be installed into a double or triple glazed unit for use on the external faces of buildings and be installed into suitable framings as well.

Switchable Privacy Glass has a myriad of different applications for both commercial and domestic use, to maintain privacy, to create spaces within open space offices, in bathrooms and can also be used to back project images onto the glass in its translucent state.

The low voltage electrical glass solution is safe to use on large glass installations, structural glazing as well as wet areas such as pools, bathrooms or spas. The glass can even be used as a shower screen.