Solar Control Glass

If you are worried about overheating in large glazed environments then a Solar Control Glass is your solution.

Overheating occurs in large glazed areas or in spaces where the glass is under direct or frequent sun exposure due to the radiation form the sun entering the space through the glass. The long wave radiation produced by the sun can travel through glass but once it has passed through and heats up the internal surface these create short wave radiation. Short wave radiation cannot travel through glass to escape the space and therefore bounces around the internal environment heating it up.

Solar Control Glasses significantly reduce the amount of long wave radiation that can enter the space through the glass and therefore reduce overheating inside.

The glass includes a hard coating applied to the internal face of the external panel in a double or triple glazed unit.  The appearance obtainable from the glass units is still one of clear glass with little change in the tint, colouration or light transmittance of the glass.

The amount of solar radiation entering a space is signified by the g value in order or a percentage.

Different scales or strengths of Solar Control Glass are available depending on the amount of solar reduction you require. It is common that any significant increase in the solar protection of the glass does reduce the light transmission through the glass units but London Architectural Glass can offer a Solar Control Glass of 41% solar radiation with an extremely clear 70% light transmission.

Solar Control Glass is extremely useful in highly glazed areas and glass roofs.