Heated Glass

How are you going to heat your new highly glazed extension or modern glazed house? Did you know you can actually do this with the glazing you will use for the windows, doors and glass walls without the need for underfloor heating or extra outdated radiators installed?

Heated Glass in an innovative solution using the glass in a space as the sole heat source for any type of highly glazed environment. A transparent metal oxide coating is applied to the internal face of the glass unit, buzz bar at the top and the bottom of the glass panel direct an electrical charge through the coating and the inherent resistance provides an infra-red heat that radiates through the glass into the internal space heating it.

Radiant heat sources, like heated glass and underfloor heating, are by far the most effective and efficient heat sources for modern homes. Instead of convection heating like that from traditional radiators that heat the air space within a room, radiant heat sources like heated glass heat the objects within a space using infra-red radiation. This ensures that heated glass is an efficient and reactive heating solution for any space.

The glass can also be used to great effect within areas of high humidity to stop condensation build up on any glass faces. The conductive coating creates a warm surface to the glass units where no condensation will form. Obviously useful for pool areas, kitchens, bathrooms and home spas.

In areas of the country with a higher snow fall the glass can also be used within glass roofs or rooflights to ensure no snow or ice build-up forms on these glass surfaces.