Kiln Formed Cast Glass

Glass units that have a textured patterned surface are created using a slump cast technic to embed a textured pattern into the surface of the glass.

The desired pattern is designed onto fire boards that sit in the base of these kiln ovens. Stock patterns can be used or bespoke patterns can be created to your desired effect.

For more intricate patterns, or for patterns that will be formed into thinner pieces of glass, the patterns are scored, etched and cut into the malleable board for the glass to ‘slump’ into.

Larger, deeper patterns or patterns that will be formed in thicker panels of glass can be individually designed onto a fire board using plaster, sand and specialised setting chemicals.

Once the glass has been formed into the desired pattern it is cooled slowly and evenly to avoid any breakages due to thermal shock. The length of this cooling process depends on the thickness of the glass panels.

London Architectural Glass has access to some of the largest Kiln Ovens in the UK to be able to texture large glass panels of up to 18 meters squared.

Once formed the Cast Glass or Kiln Formed Glass can be toughened, laminated and heat soaked to create a strong safety glass panel for use in construction.