Digital Printed Interlayers

Digital Printed Glass allows you to recreate an image, photograph logo or any other type of imagery into a safety glass panel.

High resolution digital printers use specialised ink jets to print the required image straight onto a PVB interlayer. This interlayer is then laminated between two pieces of glass in the same way as a standard PVB creating a decorative glass panel.

The images are recreated within the glass unit at up to 1440 dpi for a clear, high resolution quality image. These specialised interlayer printers offer a rich palette of colours to recreate any design or colour scheme wanted.

By integrating the image within a glass panel rather than printing it on the surface you have an increased protection against fading. With the digital printed interlayer protected by two pieces of glass you are stopping the two main causes of fading from affecting the print; pollutants and tests performed on digitally printed interlayers show that the image has life longevity of at least 10 years.

As the specialist digital print PVB is then used within a laminated glass construction the glass is automatically a safety glass able to be used in all manner of applications including structural glass and large windows and doors.

This glass laminating method can be used for a purely decorative effect or for information, laminating images of maps or text within a glass panel for a commercial project.