Sourcing materials and components from some of the largest and most prestigious glazing partners in the world.

The directors of London Architectural Glass have over 70 years’ collective experience, the principal director having worked in the glazing industry for 26 years, starting his career on the factory floor, and therefore having a multifaceted and solid knowledge of glass and its complexities and possibilities.

Sourcing materials and components from some of the largest and most prestigious glazing partners in the world – such as Vanceva, DuPont and Cricursa – London Architectural Glass are in a unique position in terms of resources and technical know-how.

At our state of the art processing facility we laminate, engineer and construct some the most technologically advanced glass panels available for use in the building sector today.

Glass can truly perform some remarkable feats in modern design. It can be used to heat a space, cool it, it can change colour, it can be used as an inherent structural element of a building and it can be engineered into colossal panel sizes.



 London Architectural Glass can offer the most advanced glass solutions available with our high detail engineering.

Our strong technical support staff can help with the correct specification of glass to ensure we supply you with exactly what is required for your project.

Vigorous quality control checks and quality assurance through all aspects of our supply and manufacture chain ensure that we supply only the best quality products. If a glass unit does not meet our exacting standards it will not be issued to you.

At London Architectural Glass we supply high technical glass panels to some of the UK’s leading architectural glaziers and contractors and are confident we can provide the same efficient and responsive service to you too. For more information about London Architectural Glass please view our products or contact us on:

+44(0)1753 313 123


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CEN Solutions CMS MARK 1212 Certificate 

Sentry Glass® IONOPLAST INTERLAYER Certificate


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