Shower Screen

Frameless glass is a great addition to a modern bathroom design. Glass can be used to create a luxurious wet room, shower screen or shower enclosure.

Single glazed frameless glass doors can also be used as wet room or shower doors. Safety toughened or laminated glass must be used. All holes for hinges and handles need to be cut into the glass doors before the toughening process using CNC machine cutting process.

Clear or obscured glass units are used in these applications, depending on what element of privacy is wanted from the glass shower screen.

Various decorative finishes are applied to shower screens and doors to provide privacy through the glass and a decorative effect to the surface of the glass. Screen printing is a suitable solution to these wet areas due to the durable nature of the ceramic inks used.

Sandblasting can be applied to create a full frosted effect uniform across the full glass installation for total privacy or the glass can be painted for a sleek coloured finish

If using a completely clear installation of glass a low maintenance coating can be applied to the glazing to make it easier to clean these glass shower screens from soap and water stains.

For shaped shower cubicles UV bonding can be utilised to create a shower cubical with no visible joints or connections.

Glass can be cut and shaped to any specification using CNC machine cutting so can be utilised to create shower areas in even the most difficult of spaces such as loft spaces or small bathrooms.