Glass Stairs

A glass staircase is the pinnacle of contemporary glass design. Layering toughened glass panels together and laminating them to create strong stair treads is the usual method of glass construction and a viable glass specification to use on such areas.

Glass stairs can be designed and constructed in many ways from glass treads being set into a steel frame to completely frameless cantilevered steps that seem to protrude unsupported from the wall.

Whatever the application it is important to ensure that strong, toughened glass is used and laminated together in layers to create extra strength to these slim, walk on glass panels.

It might be pertinent to include an anti-slip resistance to the external face of the stair treads, especially if the glass staircase is to be situated outside. You can do this by including a sandblasted piece of toughened glass as the top layer of glass or by including an anti-slip screen print pattern to the top of glass tread.

Coloured or digitally printed interlayers can be included within the layered glass tread for a decorative effect. If using a coloured interlayer design for your staircase integrated LED lighting within the construction can create a dramatic effect.

For a fully clear glass staircase you should consider the use of low iron glass. As these laminated glass stair treads will be thick panels of glass standard clear glass mght leave you with a green tint to the glass panels. The use of low iron glass will reduce this green tint for a much clearer finished appearance.

To take the ‘glass construction’ appearance even further you might consider including glass balustrades to the glass staircase.