Glass Beams and Fins

When creating a glass construction glass itself can be used to support the assembly for a fully glazed, frameless appearance. Layers of toughened glass can be laminated together to make extremely strong beams made completely from glass. These glass beams can be used to support glass roofs as well as glass floors.

On glass extensions where a glass roof meets a vertical element of glass supporting fins made of a similar construction of laminated toughened glass can also be used as a frameless glass supporting method. These vertical glass fins can support the outer edge of the glass beam for a frameless glass box construction or other similar installation.

Where the glass beams and fins meet the panels of glass can be cut to achieve a frameless glass to glass meeting. Slim stainless steel bolts can then be used to fix both structural elements of glass together.

The use of stronger interlayers such as Sentry Interlayers is common due to the required strength of such glass elements especially in longer spans or where the above glass panel is required to take extra load such as in a commercial walk on floor.

Where thick and layered pieces of glass are to be used it is always wise to consider the use of low iron glass. If standard clear glass panels were to be used within the construction of such thick glass installations you will notice a strong green tint to the overall glass unit. When using low iron glass the iron content of the finished glass unit is reduced and therefore stops this green tint from being noticeable.